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Posted by Big Ron on July 12, 21 at 14:46:16:

In Reply to: Just some thoughts and questions posted by SunDevil4Life on July 12, 21 at 10:03:45:

* College underclassmen entering the NFL through the draft is surprisingly common. In fact 72% of last year's first round picks were underclassmen.

Round by Round:

1st round (32 picks) Seniors: 9 (28.1%) Underclassmen: 23 (71.8%)

2nd round (32 picks) Seniors: 15 (46.8%) Underclassmen: 17 (53.2%)

3rd round (42 picks) Seniors: 34 (80.9%) Underclassmen: 8 (19.0%)

4th round (40 picks) Seniors: 28 (70.0%) Underclassmen: 12 (30.0%)

5th round (33 picks) Seniors: 26 (78.7%) Underclassmen: 7 (21.2%)

6th round (35 picks) Seniors: 31 (88.5%) Underclassmen: 4 (11.4%)

7th round (41 picks) Seniors: 37 (90.2%) Underclassmen: 4 (9.7%)

But after the cream of the crop are picked up in the first couple rounds, all the other underclassmen that declared for the draft find themselves looking at an uncertain future. My Rumspringa suggestion gives these kids another chance at a college degree and an improved quality life.

* Will contract money spoil these kids value systems? Yes for some. No for others. Minor league money will not be enough to allow too many 20 year old men to retire. But it may help them get a quality education without having to work 2 jobs like some of us had to do.

* I do not think anybody has a clue about the effects of the financial disparity. Some states are passing legislation that allows schools to collect and redistribute a majority of the NIL money to less glamorous team positions, Olympic and Title IX sports. I personally think that such laws will result in kids selecting schools in other states that offer the best financial rewards. For example, look for a lot of Florida kids migrating to Alabama and Notre Dame. And there will be enough money spread around the elite football factories to make sure every player will have the money to treat girlfriends to nice meals and special date lights. But I see ASU losing players to the transfer portal. Playing time + financial potential is too great to not look for the best possible deal.

* Amateur sports are essentially DOA. If anybody can make any money at any athletic endeavor they will try. There will be too much incentive for individual recognition that can generate revenue. Branding will be the name of the game. Nine year old Ryan Kaji makes $30,000,00 a year playing with toys on YouTube - and another $9 or $10 million on endorsements. Every athlete will try to tap into the unbelievable money stream. If a 9 year old can make that much money, why not a lacrosse player? Fresno State's Cavinder twins became instant millionaires. Imagine what Tim Tebow could have done.

This is just an old man's rant. GET OFF OF MY LAWN!

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