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Posted by SunDevil4LIfe on July 14, 21 at 07:51:54:

In Reply to: Good Post. My random thoughts and responses posted by Big Ron on July 12, 21 at 14:46:16:


Interesting Data on underclassman to the NFL !

Curious how many actually make a team ? Or, another example is players that might have waited another year and improved their financial and staying power by staying in school another year. I believe there are thousands of examples, but one that comes to mind is Carl Bradford. Either way, I still feel that the jump from H.S. to the NFL is a very risky venture for the athlete.

I do believe that financial disparities and (the social media crap that comes with it) between players will effect team unity. I know this is a bit polyanish , but a possible solve could be a significant enough monthly per diem (that would allow solid spending money for dates, eating out, etc) in equal amounts to each player that would prevent that working 2 jobs scenerio (which I know you Ron had to do that, but kids today get a lot more basic support. The demands on players today would make it virtually impossible to work 2 jobs). And, keeps things as they are regarding kids being able to make how much ever money they can make, however have a stipulation that funds will be held in trust until the player goes pro or is finished with their college eligibility. Again, I have admitted this is probably polyanish, but a guy can at least try to solve an issue that I believe WILL become a problem, lol !

Lastly, I wonder how this will effect the college football fan base, bowl games, and tv viewership. I have talked to several friends, and others who have shared that the luster of the so called "purity" or amateur nature of college sports will lose it's luster and leaves a bad taste in their mouths. Curious, with not even being in-season yet, if this sentiment will translate on a broad scale ?


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