I bet we wasted enough money on SDS to build one

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Posted by Big Ron on July 20, 21 at 13:20:46:

In Reply to: Re: New player development technique at Bama posted by cudevil on July 20, 21 at 12:04:36:

The startup facility was just under $20M. Phil Knight could buy one for Oregon with the lose change he can find under his seat cushions. That is about 6% of the cost of the Sun Devil Stadium reinvention. We invested more money than that on general usage areas and goat yoga provisions. :-)

As an engineer, I find some of the concepts fascinating. A few of my favorites -

1. The goal after a practice or heavy weight training is to get the body into a recovery mode ASAP. That means controlling the parasympathetic nervous system within the autonomic nervous system and getting it to convert the body functions from exertion to recovery mode as quick as possible. Players rest in zero gravity chairs, some with compression pants to force the lactic acid out the large muscles. Recovery response time is recorded and plotted to indicate the condition of the player and to predict potential physical failures. Each player's training program is adjusted accordingly.

2. Balance is a brain function. The sports science center uses Virtual Reality systems to "Tip" players to help teach the brain how to instinctively react and to control a player's real field balance. (I wish that Kalen Ballage would have undergone balance conditioning.)

3. VR is also used for QB training. The QB is placed into a play and takes a snap. The QB coach can stop action and walk onto the field to discuss the defensive tells and make sure the QB understands his receiver progressions.

4. Many injuries are a result of opposing muscle strength imbalance. A player might look like a weight room warrior, but if opposing muscles measure more than a 15% imbalance, the superior muscle has the tendency to shred its opposing counterpart. Apparently 'Bama went an entire year without a hammy injury after instituting revised training procedures. Also, everybody has a dominant leg. The center measures the difference in strength and works the legs into balance to improve acceleration and top end speed. Its like improving the spark on all the cylinders of a race car.

There is an array of exam, procedure rooms and testing labs for immediate results - and an extensive computer center to crunch the data on each player.

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