May You Live Interesting Times

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Posted by Handsome Rob on July 25, 21 at 20:28:13:

LetŐs please not turn this into a flame thread. Constructive thoughts please.

Crazy things are afoot and such times call for interesting solutions. Pac 12 relevancy is at stake and we need out of the box solutions. It is unfortunate that money drives everything, but that is the reality that we now live in and any potential solution must be in line with $$$. Reading that USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Colorado might bolt for the Big 10 creating a cross country conference should make the PAC consider doing the same thing. An across the US conference would command big dollars, but how doing it without crippling its members records while adding value is the key. Honestly, the SEC adding Oklahoma and Texas initially sounds great, how content will its members be taking all these extra loses? Also, can they maintain the unfair 8 game conference schedule adding 2 more teams? Adding a 9th game only adds more losses. There are a lot of egos involved hereÉ.a few years down the line things could blow up and realignment might very well occur again. Anyways, back to the PACÉLooking at how things are shaking out elsewhere, going to 16 to 20 teams should be looked at with markets being key and we should first look at Texas and Florida for $$ and recruiting. Obviously you would want A&M or Texas, but realistically who can you get that adds value. I would look hard at Houston. Big market, historically solid, but not a record killing gut punch. As for Florida, the only option is UCF and it is not bad option. Huge school with recent success in prime recruiting grounds. I would also take Kansas and OK St. for the heartland and from here it gets interesting. If Going over 16 teams, my pitch from here is that you now have nationwide recruiting and a really good conference, but a winnable one, unlike the SEC. I would push hard for Notre Dame who has traditional rivals in the PAC and sees itself as a nation programÉ.why not play in a national conference. I would talk to Nebraska (isnŐt their traditional rival Colorado?) who doesnŐt seem to fit well in the BIG10. From here, maybe Memphis and CincinnatiÉnot entirely sureÉI would love thoughts from people with more knowledge and insights on who we could add to make such a thing work.

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