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Posted by Big Ron on July 26, 21 at 20:23:57:

In Reply to: May You Live Interesting Times posted by Handsome Rob on July 25, 21 at 20:28:13:

There are going to be Harvard Business School papers generated on the topics that you touched on in your post. Therefore its going to be hard to respond in a simple sports blog post. But here are my random thoughts.

1. the chatter is that Texas and Oklahoma want out of the Big 12 because being trapped with 8 generic teams is killing recruiting now that the mighty SEC has moved into their neighborhood. There is little to offer blue chip players compared to the SEC schools.

2. The Big 12 is dead as a Power 5. Adding additional generic teams from other conferences will not revive it. It is now a member of the G-Whatever.

3. The SEC is way ahead of the game. While other conferences were watching the Championship Series morph and the NCAA fall into decay orbit, the SEC was already planning to absorb all the relevant football programs into a super conference to control $Billions in TV revenue. Now that Texas and OKLA are in the conference, the SEC is already going after Ohio State and Michigan.

4. The only additional P5 conference that has a chance to survive as a power conference is the Big 10. It may be able to keep OSU or UM by strengthening the conference and expanding its national footprint and TV coverage. Its best strike would be to grab the 4 California schools from the Pac-12 and control the lucrative L.A./San Diego/Bay Area TV markets. Additionally all 4 CA schools have excellent academic reputations and fit within the Big 10 academic and research fellowship goals.

5. The PAC is way behind the 8-ball. The new Comish was not prepared for this and Limo Larry left the new guy an empty San Francisco office and TV studio. George Kliavkoff's first instinct will be to try to lock things down until he can get up to speed. By then, the L.A. schools will already be communicating with the Big 10. Cal and Stanford are filled with smart people and will quickly see the wisdom of following USC and UCLA.

6. We all love ASU, but it has averaged 6.7 wins over the last 20 years. We downsized our iconic stadium by about 25,000 seats. ASU now fits the definition of generic. The Big 10 will not want it, especially if the ABOR insists that the 2 state universities are a package deal. That worked when ASU was riding high under Kush and was packing a 74,000 seat stadium, but not today. I doubt that even the Big 12 will want both teams.

7. This is going to get ugly for the orphaned Pac-12 teams. The first school president that wakes up to that fact may survive.

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