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Posted by BJDevil on August 05, 21 at 20:00:10:

In Reply to: About the Vaxx posted by Handsome Rob on August 05, 21 at 18:19:17:

He called him a utube anti-vaxxer. Where's the unwarranted slander?

On the rest of your post, well:

* You can't say, "vaccines take 8+ years..." and apply vaccine rules to it, but also say "this MRNA jab isn't really a vaccine". Which is it? Is it a vaccine or isn't it?

* The mRNA vaccine technology isn't untested, "brand new technology". It's been around for several years. It was ready to try out in the real world when COVID appeared. AND the FDA's "emergency approval" was only to skip the red tape drug companies face.

* I don't know what Ivermectin is, but HCQ was absolutely proven to not work as a "REAL" treatment via multiple studies.

* The odds of Turk getting seriously ill at "basically 0%"? I guess that means that the hospitals are "basically" empty too, right?

And so on...

Final and most important thought (on "looking into things for yourself"): We can't do that for everything in this complex world. For our world in 2021 to function, we HAVE to trust the experts in their respective fields. Otherwise, everything falls apart and we'll regress back into the pre-industrial era.

Don't think so? Can you manufacture car engines (smelt the steel or aluminum alloys)? How about design car safety systems? Design (or build) a bridge over Tempe Town Lake? Design or manufacture a silicon-based microprocesser? Know the difference between SSLv3 and TLS 1.2 and how they are a part of the internet? Know what the latest lung cancer treatments are out there, how they're made, and how to apply them (or even make them)?

Are you even gonna spin your own fabric and sew clothes for yourself and knit your own sweaters? NOPE - we have experts for that!

But we're all armchair doctors and scientists and virus experts when it comes to COVID.

This is such a sad state of affairs for us Americans. People are refusing to trust the CDC about diseases, medical professionals about medicine, or government experts about governance. They will trust media personalities, however, that pander to their audiences (solely for ratings and ad revenue), and politicians that care more about winning than being right.

This problem has been brewing for decades, with the Great Recession (the gov't didn't punish the Wall Street crooks and bankers for the trillions of stolen dollars) and the Donald Trump administration's insistence on "alternative facts" severely weakening basic trust in our experts/leaders. (And I voted for Trump twice...)

As for Michael Turk leaving the school over the vaccine. I wish him well and thank him for all he has done for my alma mater. With that said, is ASU that lousy of an educational institution for its football players that they leave ASU after being here for 3 or more years without even basic critical thinking skills?

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