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Posted by SunDevil4Life on August 09, 21 at 06:44:05:

In Reply to: Did you read the VAERS's site disclaimer? posted by BJDevil on August 08, 21 at 21:09:22:


A major reason that that disclaimer is there is because of the immense UNDER reporting that goes on with VAERS.

This is an open reporting platform and the crazy part we are finding out is that the large majority of doctors had not even been aware of VAERS ! How many cases went unreported ? Most likely 10’s of THOUSANDS, if not 100s of thousands !

A HARVARD study suggest that only 1% - 10% of adverse effects are reported to VAERS. Not just for Covid, but fir all vaccines.

Watch the video I posted on a “football analogy and Xs & Os of the vax. If you are a football mind, you’ll get it.

Believe whatever you want, I could give a rats arse. Bottom line, people are waking up and there’s too much flip-flopping, too much weirdness, these mandates are mind-boggling, and I think we all know that there’s a lot of bullshit going on.

Virtually ZERO flu in 2020 after 30 MILLION cases in 2019 ??? Oh, ok. I believe that. Or, maybe it was the f’d up PCR tests they were using that the CDC just admitted included the flu in results that were deemed Covid. Oops, sorry for over reporting Covid in error up to 90%. Sorry for the planned fear America !

Maybe you might believe these people ?? (probably not, they are probably all faking it, right??)


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