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Posted by SunDevil4LIfe on August 09, 21 at 07:12:35:

In Reply to: Re: Objective research...ha, ha... you funny guy posted by Curious Bill on August 08, 21 at 13:49:52:

Hey Bill, Billy, Will or William, your curiosity as in your title, is a really good thing.

Listen, like you said, you aren't looking to change my mind. I might quip back and say that same thing, but it would be inaccurate. I care deeply for people and truth, if you are sincere, I would love to have an impact on your mind. Shit is getting serious and people need to be fed truth, not quick draw fact check and move on. EDUCATION takes investment, primarily TIME.

When you said you hadn't heard of VAERS, that did not shock me. However, you are very wrong in your comment that because you hadn't heard about VAERS it must not be relevent. Until Covid hit, I wasn't aware of terms like PPE, Coronavirus, gain of function research, N90 masks, etc. Point is, just because I had not heard of them, does not deem them irrelevant (as you stated)

VAERS is an extremely important self-governing reporting system that has been used for 20 years for the reporting of adverse effects, both morbidity and mortality, of all vaccines. Harvard states that adverse affects are UNDER reported up to 90%. But, it is the primary aggregation of data on adverse affects of vaccines.

Reuters, the AP, CNN, FOX, NY TIMES, and I could go on and on. 170yrs old or brand new, what they all have in common is group think. For me, when I see and smell BS coming from all these outlets, I search for alternative locations for info. Go ahead an keep trusting them, to your own demise...

Follow this guy, Alex Berenson. He's a left-center, democrat, ex NY TIMES health and safety reporter. Straight shooter, and has been on top of everything Covid from the get-go. And guess what, he's constantly being cancelled and slandered by the MSM. You know that means ? In military aviation terms it means, when you are taking flak, you are over the target.

Follow him : https://twitter.com/alexberenson

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