High Octane Speculation

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Posted by Handsome Rob on August 24, 21 at 17:37:07:

Reading everything from everyone and listening to the talking heads, it is clear that SEC homers are disingenuous at best and most likely flat out lying. The one thing that is absolutely clear is Sankey along with Swarbrick were absolutely trying to game the system. In their heads, Notre Dame and 5+ SEC teams would be in the playoffs every year with the proposed system. In my mind Swarbrick and Sankey were both working this together and it blew up in their face when A&M leaked the info about Texas and Oklahoma going to the SEC.
The aftermath of this explosion is the BIG10/ACC/PAC12 alliance. While at this point is not clear what this alliance means, the most powerful tool that would be created is voting power. Speculating about how this power would be used seems simple. Empower themselves and limiting that of the SEC. So a reworked 12 team playoff that could be rammed through with a voting alliance could be the top 3 from each power 4 conference. Oh what is that about Notre Dame?...Well you tried to screw usÉso join a conference or be left out.
Another intriguing yet speculative piece of fallout revolves around information that the Pac12 let slip. That is, they are talking to schools that no one is mentioning and this leads to some serious high octane speculation. Remember who blew up Sankey and Swarbricks plan? Who hates Texas? If the alliance forced a revised 12 team playoffÉas of now, which conference would it be hardest to earn a playoff berth from? Could it be that A&M would consider leaving under the right circumstances, one in which a certain Broadcaster or Streaming service agrees to match or exceed the funding of other major conferences during the next round contract negotiations. Could Notre Dame be the key to ensuring matched funds? Notre DameÕs chief Rival is in the Pac 12, not the ACC or Big10.

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